With this connector, you can intergrate your GitLab to your WooCommerce website.

Be ready to directly sell your Gitlabs projects online in 5 minutes !



Sell your Gitlabs projets
directly as WooCommerce products

Sell your ​​code directly from your Gitlab's projects on WooCommerce.
This extension - used on our own Apps shop - greatly simplifies the sale of software on WooCommerce by connecting your WooCommerce Online shop to Gitlab.

The product pages can display new tabs directly fed by your Gitlab's project (Description, Files, Changelog), and your customers can download the products or open Gitlabs Help-desk issues directly from their WooCommerce account !

Easy, simple, usefull.

Watch the video documentation

Easy GitLab -WooCommerce Integration

To integrate WooCommerce and GitLab, first go to your Gitlab and create a new token for your WooCommerce, defining the needed rights to access the projects you want to be able to sell (even for free) on you WooCommerce shop.

Then you just need to install the GitCommerce extension on your WooCommerce, and enter the Gitlab API key in the settings page.

Enter your personal token

Associate a Gitlab project to a product

Create or edit a product : if your product is "virtual" and "downloadable", you will see a new "Git" menu.

Select the project you want to associate with your product, and that's it!

Choose your GitLab project

Data always up to date!

Live Product Information

The product tabs are now improved :

  • Information : this new tab displays your
  • Files : this new tab displays all the available versions of your project, thanks to Gitlab tags
  • Changelog : displays the changelog !

The "Files" tab can also display generic project information, such as creation date or last update.

Your README file
Your Changelog
Your available Releases

Order Updates & Live Updates

Moreover, when a project contains Releases and artifacts, these will be directly downloadable by your customers who have purchased the product.

On the customer side

And this, perfectly integrated into the ecosystem of WooCommerce downloads:

  • Users with account will find in their download section the available releases
  • Users without account will get access to the download of the releases of the projects they bought

On the WooCommerce admin side

  • After the first download of the archive, the order will automatically pass to the Terminated status
  • When you make a new release, an email can be automatically sent to the purchasers of the project to tell them to download the new release !
  • When a release is downloaded, the order is updated with a new note

Live Support

From the WooCommerce Customer Account to your Gitlabs projects

Finally, your customers have the possibility to create a support ticket (Help Desk) from the product page or their customer account in WooCommerce that will directly appear in your Gitlab's project.

Configure Gitlab


We assume that the files need to sell are stored in a "public" directory (it can be named as you want).

The script will also check if the project contains a file at its root, in order to compile assets.

On each release tag, this script will generate an artifact named (where 5.8 is the created tag)

    stage: release
        - BUILD_FILE=""
        - if test -f "$BUILD_FILE"; then echo "Build file found."; sh $BUILD_FILE; fi;
        name: "${CI_PROJECT_NAME}-${CI_COMMIT_TAG}"
            - public/
            - node_modules
            - ./*.json
            - ./.*
        - if: $CI_COMMIT_TAG

Support tickets

Support tickets are associated with issues in Gitlab. Issues can be created by two ways: Standard Issue or Service Desk.

Service Desk is the most convenient way to create support tickets, as Gitlab will alter your customers for every activity on the support ticket. If Service Desk is enabled, GitCommerce will use this way to create tickets.

As fallback, standard issues will be created by the Gitlab users who own the connection token. In this case, we recommand to create a dedicated user, called "Bot" or "Shop". If you use your own account, you'll see issues created by you and it can be confusing.


Your installation is always kept secret. On front, your customers will never see the URL of your gitlab, even if you share images in Readme, Changelog, or in support tickets. URLs are replaced as if files where uploaded to your shop.


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Future versions:




- Options of text and subject of mailing webhook
- Make issuer's email visible in issue
- Fix crash in PHP8:  Unsupported operand types: string * int


- Use default branch for information tab
- Not showing "Future versions" if there is not


- Creation of a webhook which send an email to every client who bought that product when a new release is available.
- Add a limit of days until you can't download new outcoming releases, this limit can be set globally and/or changed for each product. Customers can see that limit in the product page.
- New Informations tab (README) on the product page. 
- When a project new release is out, the modified_date of products is updated.
- Add Future versions (milestones) in changelog page.
- Allow to customers to change their emails. 
- Project selector in Git settings is now a Select2.
- Set order 'completed' when customer download a product.


- Infos on issues
- Status completed when customer downloads
- Support images and table in markdown


Iniital release.

- Manage settings
- Show informations
- List changelog (tags)
- Allows to download release artifacts
- Manage Help Desk 


Sell Git managed projects in WooCommerce


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress
  3. Go to the WooCommerce Settings -> Git to fill up Database Credentials
  4. Edit a product and select a project


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