Woocommerce Product Add-ons : Repeat Fields and groups of fields Freely or on Quantity



Repeatable Order Item Meta for WooCommerce Product Add-ons

This Plugin is an extension for WooCommerce Product Add-ons.   It allows you to create fields or groups of fields that will be repeated automatically on quantity, and/or by the action of your customer.   You need to add custom meta in order items, but you want these fields to repeat following the chosen quantity, or allow the customer to freely repeat a field or group of fields ?   This plugin is here for you.

Use cases

For example, you propose to print a message on corporate gifts. You can add a text field, based on quantity. Your customers will be able to fill as many names as required.   Other example, for bookings, you need to get occupant's details of rooms. You can can a repeatable group of fields for name, age and breakfast preference.

Compatible with:

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Woocommerce Repeatable Order Item Meta
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Woocommerce Repeatable Order Item Meta

Plugin to allow order items to have repeatable meta, but also depend on the quantity of the order item.


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Fonctionnalités | Features

Add flexibility to Product Add-ons !

Administration of your repeatable Product Add-ons fields

In your admin area, you can define the fields or groups or fields to be repeated on quantity and/or freely.  

Allow your customers to repeat a field or group of fields


Allow your field or group of fields to be repeated following the selected quantity of the product


You can mix the Repeatable and Quantity-based repeat, for your groups or fields or your stand alone field

Apply your fields to the product categories you want

Apply the fields by selecting the product category or categories

This plugin allows to handle all the native types of fields :

Supported Woocommerce Product Add-ons types of fields


Front side : what your customers will see

  Then on your Product page, the fields or group of fields will be repeated when the quantity is changed.

Allow your customers to freely repeat a field or group of fields


Repeat a field or group of fields when the quantity is changed by the customer

    Examples : So simple, but so useful !

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