With “Accounting for WooCommerce
accounting is over!

Are you self-employed, a small business or an SME? These 2 extensions will make your life easier!

What is accounting?
The aim is to publish your accounts each year, so you need to provide your accountant with all your transactions with your customers in the French legal accounting format (the general chart of accounts). Invoices, payments, reimbursements: everything must be included.

Don’t keep your accounts:
there are extensions for this.

Most business managers are obliged to use invoicing software and accounting software.

But then you have to connect them to WooCommerce, and all hell breaks loose! Connectors, software, the bill is rising and the technology is complex…

You can now do without accounting and manage your entire business from within WooCommerce.

The extension you’ve been missing!

Accounting for WooCommerce

free version available


extension recommended but not required

Simplify everything with just 2 extensions

You can meet all accounting requirements for little or no cost. You only need 2 extensions:

Should I choose the free or paid versions?

The 2 extensions are available in free or paid version

If you have very few sales, the free versions may be enough for you!

The paid versions will allow you to respond to more precise requests from your accountant, such as having specific accounting codes by product, customer, type of payment, managing your credit notes, etc.

In concrete terms, what needs to be done?

1. First, set up WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips, so that each of your paid and delivered orders generates an invoice.

2. Then activate and set up Accounting for WooCommerce.
You only need to define general codes for each type of accounting information following the “chart of accounts” that your accountant will provide you with. It is a simple list of codes for your products, taxes, shipping costs, payment methods, accounting book, cost accounting…

3. Set up the accounting export to match the format of the accounting software your accountant uses. The plugin is compatible with CIEL, EBP Accounting, Cogilog, GNUcash, Isagri and many others!

The advantage: the two extensions fit together perfectly!

Use WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips invoice number

Go to the settings: a new specific menu will appear, to allow you to use the invoice number generated by WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips in the accounting export.