We have gathered here our plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce, and some others that you might like.

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Featured Paid plugins for WooCommerce

Find here our latest paid plugins from our library of extensions for WordPress and WooCommerce. These add-ons to WooCommerce aim to simplify and streamline the management of your online store on a daily basis. We have recently developed a Polaris – WooCommerce connector that complements our existing library of WooCommerce accounting add-ons.

Make your store evolve at your own pace, test them now!

Coming soon… We will make available Amadeus for WooCommerce, which will allow you to integrate the Amadeus API to your store site to integrate a travel management system (booking flights, hotels, routing …) at the heart of your WooCommerce site.

We do plugins for WooCommerce

Discover our free extensions for your WooCommerce store. Easy to use and accessible, they allow you to adapt your store to your needs. Download them in one click !

General purpose freebies plugins

Since 2014, we have been developing free and open source extensions that are used daily by many of our clients. They meet various and diverse needs with always a common goal: to allow you to customize your WordPress site according to your expectations. Don’t hesitate to install them yourself.

More ? Embed your social media accounts !

Your social networks must interact today with your website. That’s why we have developed two extensions that allow you to make your WordPress website communicate with your social networks. Connect them now!

Woocommerce connectors : Open your e-commerce site to new horizons !

After having allowed you to connect Woocommerce to your accounting tool, then to your Polaris checkout, we now offer you an Amadeus connector for WooCommerce!

Allow your customers to take advantage of the power of the Amadeus API within your store site. Ideal to integrate a travel management system (flight booking, hotels, routing …) in the heart of your WooCommerce site.


To go further, we write articles about the extensions we make available to you in order to give you the maximum information. Check out our latest articles about WooCommerce Accounting and the Polaris connector. More are on the way, stay tuned!

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