The N.O.U.S Agency:
Web agency & WordPress plugin publisher

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NOUS – Ouvert Utile et Simple is a web agency born from a grouping of internet specialists, open source advocates and fervent WordPress users. On a daily basis, we accompany small and medium-sized companies, associations, federations to enable them to create the digital tool they need.

Our mission

WE do digital with a human face. We are here to translate your expectations into solutions, useful before being technical. Our objective: to provide an adapted, sustainable solution on which the concerned actors are fully autonomous.


Our daily activity

Supporting you

We are at your side from the conception to the launch of your site.

We train you, propose methods and solutions, expose the legal, editorial and technical issues.

Thus you remain in control of your project.

UX Design

We design your solution together.
Starting with each use*, we create useful and sustainable sites.

We evaluate together the risks and solutions for each feature.
You can then choose your priorities, and stick to your budget and schedule.


Our studio in Toulouse is specialized in specific developments (Symfony, Python) and complex WordPress projects.

You are informed live of the development progress and validate each step.
You thus ensure a stable product that meets your expectations.

Customer Relationship Management

We use existing open source solutions or build custom tools to provide you with the contact management tool integrated with your ecosystem.

Web development

With Symfony or Python to orchestrate large projects and requiring advanced customization, we build the digital solution you need.

Our history

Since 2014 we have been building web sites and solutions to engage, mobilize, explain and deliver our clients’ messages to their audiences.

Coming from ecology, we believe that beyond the technique it is the use and simplicity that make the difference.

Economy of means, transparency or respect of personal data are part of our ethics: they become a strength and a guarantee of sustainability for your projects.

Today, WordPress represents more than half of the world’s websites. This powerful and free CMS offers a multitude of opportunities to meet the most specific needs.

Over the years, WE have developed specific extensions for WordPress to address needs or shortcomings of the native version. After 10 years of contributing to the WordPress and WooCommerce community, we decided to publish our plugin library, available on this site.

Our first plugin, EventPost , was born in 2014, allowing users to add to posts to convert them into full-fledged calendar events. These events can be displayed as a calendar, list or on a map…

Since then, our library counts about thirty free and paid plugins available on the site.