Your WooCommerce accounting,
in all simplicity

You are independent, a VSE or SME? This extension will simplify your life!

Realize the accounting of your online store under WooCommerce in a few clicks.

No complex and costly synchronization: generate your accounting export directly to the main accounting software:CIEL, EBP Comptabilité, Cogilog, GNUcash, respecting your company’s chart of accounts – including cost accounting!

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Establish simple or detailed accounting , according to your needs.

Your simplified accounting

Define general codes for each type of accounting information: products, taxes, shipping costs, methods of payment, bookkeeping, cost accounting

Your accounting in detail

Integrate your detailed chart of accounts!
Define detailed accounting codes for each product, taxes, shipping costs, payment methods, accounting book, cost accounting, etc.

Export what you want to what you want!

  1. Export towards the big solutions of the market : CIEL, Cogilog, EBP Comptabilité, GNUcash
  2. Export your assets and orders, by type of payment, status, date(s) …
  3. Specific export ? Configure your export field by field to adapt it to your software

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